When designing our scooter, we tried to make it more than just an electric scooter.

Thus, we have not only created a product that as a non-emission means of transport will have a positive impact on the environment. We wanted its service will not require using heavy combustion vehicles.

hulajnoga elektryczna

Our scooters have a replaceable battery!

Thanks to That function, We don’t need to transport them to charging station. We have reduced the use of service vehicles to a minimum. The technician can replace the battery on site. Reaching a scooter, for example with a scooter.

It definitely reduces the emissions of combustion service vehicles.

hulajnoga elektryczna

We pay attention to the environment during production!

Choosing painting technology, we chose one, which has the least impact on the environment. Because our scooters are painted in a water paintshop that meets stringent VOC emission standards.

Using electric scooters for minutes instead of internal combustion vehicles, you significantly contribute to reducing the emissions of hazardous dust and fumes in your city. You do not need to search for a parking space for your car, losing time and burning more liters of fuel.

Download the application now and Hulaj with us! Save your time and contribute to improving the environment in your city by switching from the car.