Kierownica hulajnogi

Before you start

Always check the brake before riding – pump the hand brakes manually to ensure they are taught.

Pay attention to the general condition of the scooter. The occurrence of cracks or other damage.

kask do hulajnogi

Take care of your safety

we recommend using a helmet

be careful with your surroundings while driving

ride with caution

ride only in places intended for this

Riding follow the rules below.

Always hulaj standing, facing forward.

Do not release the steering wheel while driving.

Do not jump off the scooter, do not ride off the curbs, stairs.

Before each obstacle, stop the scooter push it through.

Always pay attention to the surroundings when driving.

Do not push yourself, keep your driving culture.

HULAJ scooter is design for one person.

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Contact Us

In case of problems and troubles, contact us immediately!

You can do this by using the help icon in the application or by writing to us at