The area where you can find our scooters:

Mapa wynajmu w Ciechanowie
map legend

Use your scooter with care and caution. Use the scooter only in designated places.

In Ciechanów, the no-parking zone has been enlarged to create small rental zones. These are communication points designated by the City. Thanks to this, you always know that a Hulaj will be waiting for you at the designated point! Remember, however, that the scooter can only be left at those communication point.

After crossing the zone by 100m, the scooter automatically locks and bill.
E-scooters outside the zone can be rented again. However, moving even further away from the zone after about 30m e-scooter will lock and bill.

Make sure you leave the scooter in the designated places.

While parking the scooter, leave it in a vertical position, resting on the folding foot. Park it by lanterns, benches, bike racks but never in the middle of the sidewalk. Make sure that the parked scooter does not block the passage and leave at least 1.5m space for other users of the sidewalk.

Exemple of proper parking in Cracow.