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Find the nearest scooter.

After pressing on the chosen scooter, the map will guide you to it. If you do not see it, you can turn on sound signal by touching “Find” button. Check the battery status before unlocking.

Scan the QR code from the steering wheel.

Go to the nearest scooter and scan the QR code with your phone. You can recognize the activation of the scooter after the beep.

otwarty wynajem w aplikacji Hulaj pl

Find second scooter?

Yes! You can now rent two scooters at once! With only one phone, one Hulaj account!

The scan option will appear after turning off the ride preview.

After scaning QR code of the second scooter, it’s icon will appear in the upper left corner. Marked, it lights up red and shows the current trip. Each of the activated rents can be ended separately.

Rental Zone

Scooter can only be moved around the designated zone. Its boundary is marked by a red line. After crossing the zone by 100m, the scooter automatically locks and bill.

The scooter can be unlocked again. However, when we move away from the zone, the ride will locks and bill again.

otwarty wynajem w aplikacji Hulaj pl

Lock and Bill

The application will keep you informed of how long you use the scooter. Remember to leave the kick scooter in the designated area. The fee will be charged after the end of your ride.

“Forbid Parking Area”

You cannot end the ride in the “Forbid Parking Area”. The scooter will be locked but time will continue to count. You can unlock the scooter again and move it from “Forbid Parking Area”. The “Forbid Parking Area” is marked with a red area and a sign on the application map.

How to park?

While parking the scooter, leave it in a vertical position, resting on the folding foot. Park it by lanterns, benches, bike racks but never in the middle of the sidewalk. Make sure that the parked scooter does not block the passage and leave at least 1.5m space for other users of the sidewalk.

summary of hulaj ride


When you finish your ride, you will receive a summary and a fee will be charged. You will receive the invoice at the @ address provided at registration.

Safety & Privacy

Check the scooter if it’s in working condition. Check the brake before riding – pump the hand brakes manually to ensure they are taught.

We recommend riding in a helmet.

You can find more advice on the subpage:

“Safety first”

When driving, watch out for obstacles such as curbs, unevenness in the surface, holes, etc. Respect neighbors, be courteous, and always ride responsibly. Use the scooter only in allowed places.

Przybliżenie na ikonę pomocy technicznej

Report damages and problems

You can easily report a problem with a scooter or fee through an application. You can do this from the menu level or by pressing the tool button in the Hulaj app.

The location from which the problem is reported is automatically added to the report.

2 PLN for start and 55 gr for each started minute.