Frequently asked questions about rental of HULAJ electric scooters.

How it works?

What are the requirements for driving?

  • You must read and accept the regulations.

How to download the app?

You can download Hulaj app from App Store or Google Store using links below.

Does the application require an internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is required to properly functioning the application.

What are the minimum requirements for the proper functioning of the Hulaj application?

The application requires the Android operating system in the minimum version of 4.4 KitKat or iOS in the minimum version of 10. HULAJ requires turning on the GPS function and internet connection. In the event of a trouble with “Lock & bill”, a Bluetooth function may be required.

How to find nearest Hulaj scooter?

To find HULAJ scooter, just open HULAJapp. After login, you will automatically be taken to the map screen showing all available scooters in your area. If you don’t see any scooters on the map, zoom out to search a wider area. The map does not refresh itself. Restart the application to view the current map.

How to unlock HULAJ scooter?

To unlock a HULAJ scooter, simply open the HULAJ app and tap on the “QR” button at the bottom of the screen. Now just scan the QR code using your phone’s camera.

How do i end my ride?

To lock your HULAJ scooter press “Lock & Bill” button

At the end of the ride I have a message that I’m in the “NO PARKING ZONE”, the scooter has locked up and make beep noises.

You are trying to end your ride in a zone where you can not park it. Therefore, the driving time still counts. You can unlock the scooter again. In this case, the QR code scanning button reappears. Unlock the scooter and park it in the designated area.

Cannot end the ride app won’t lock the HULAJ scooter.

In order for the application to function properly, you must have access to the Internet, if you do not have it, you can block scooter using a Bluetooth connection. Turn on bluetooth connection on your phone, if it is already on, turn it off and on again. Try to “Lock & Bill” now. If you have further problems, please contact us.


Do I need a helmet?

The helmet is not required, but it significantly increases your safety.

What should you check before driving?

Check the general technical condition of the scooter should be checked prior to the Ride. Does the construction have no damage or cracks. First of all, see if the brake works correctly. Pump the hand brakes manually to ensure they are taught. You should you feel resistance after pressing the lever and the rear wheel should be blocked. If you notice any irregularity, please report it using the form on the website or in the application by entering the notification center icon.

How to safely use the HULAJ scooter?

We devoted a whole separate page to this play along with instruction. We invite you to read the page: Safety first.

What permissions does the Hulaj app require?

Hulaj requires access to a GPS location to find scooters in your nearest area. Access to the camera is necessary to be able to perform a QR code scan. Access to the phone’s memory is only needed when adding a photo to the form. It is not required for the proper functioning of the application.


How much does it cost?

Hulanie costs only 3PLN for unlocking + 89gr for each minute of driving. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our Price List.

How to pay?

Payment can be done in 2 ways. With the help of PayU or credit card. Payment can be done only in Hulaj application. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our Price List.


How do I report a troubleshot with HULAJ scooter?

You can easily report a problem with a scooter or fee through an application. You can do this from the menu level or by pressing the tool button in the HULAJ app.