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89gr per 1 minute

kask do hulajnogi

safety first

  • we recommend riding in a helmet
  • always ride responsibly
  • ride only in places designated for e-scooters
  • if you are riding on the pavement or on a bicycle path, move at a speed close to the speed of a pedestrian, on bicycle roads no faster than 20kph
Kierownica hulajnogi

check the condition of your scooter

  • pump the hand brakes manually to ensure they are taught
  • in case of problems and troubles, contact us immediately!
Hulajnoga przy ławce

how to park

  • park it by lanterns, benches, bike racks
  • make sure that the parked scooter does not block the passage
  • when there are no designated places to park the scooter, place it parallel to the outer edge of the pavement.


  • Winter is coming 🙁

    Most of the scooters have already come down for maintenance and repairs, which will take place over the winter period.
    Our equipment will be available at the first signs of spring. Points purchased are not forfeited.

    Thank you for scooting along with us in 2022!

  • Hulamy in Tarnow!

    Good morning Tarnów 🙂 From now on we ride with you. The current map can be found in the Hulaj application and soon on the website. If you have any ideas to change it a bit, to make it easier to use our scooters, please send them to:

    Any problems or failures, please report through the application or to the same email address. We will try to help you quickly.

    Enjoy your ride!

safe, reliable, perfect for HULAJ!

We pay attention to the environment during production!

Choosing painting technology, we chose one, which has the least impact on the environment. Because our scooters are painted in a water paint shop that meets stringent VOC emission standards.

Our scooters have a replaceable battery!

We are the first to introduce electric scooters with a replaceable battery.

The technician does not have to take the scooter for the recharge. It's enough to replace the battery on the spot.

We have minimized the need for transport the scooter to the charging center practically to zero.