59gr per 1 minute

How It Works

For beginners

  • We recommend wearing a helmet.
  • Check the brake before riding.
  • Ride only in designated places and areas.
  • At the first ride, move slowly and give yourself time to learn how to drive.

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Safe, reliable, perfect for HULAJ!


  • 40 km range
  • 25km/h top speed
  • 250W engine
  • maximum hill ange 14°

Stay Safe

Road lighting at the front and rear and stop light for improved visibility. A powerful rear brake that makes it easy to maintain balance when suddenly braking.


The replaceable battery reduces the need for scooters to be transported by the technicians to the central office. By that, we reducing the negative impact of its transport on the environment.

hulajnoga elektryczna

Our scooters have a replaceable battery!

We are the first to introduce electric scooters with a replaceable battery.

The technician does not have to take the scooter for the recharge. It's enough to replace the battery on the spot.

We have minimized the need for transport the scooter to the charging center practically to zero.

We care about Our Environment

hulajnoga elektryczna

We pay attention to the environment during production!

Choosing painting technology, we chose one, which has the least impact on the environment. Because our scooters are painted in a water paint shop that meets stringent VOC emission standards.